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Hiking and Climbing

Florida Trail Association

Walking is great exercise. And, it gets us from here to there. Combine walking with a beautiful outdoor setting and you have hiking. The setting may be on the other side of the country, the other side of the world, or in the woods behind your home. TV can show you sights from around the world ... of places you may never get to visit. That's informative, but it's also very passive.

You need to get out into the world ... experience it for yourself. Feel the sun, the wind, the sea, and even the bugs. Car trips get you to many different sights, quickly. But, as the old saying goes, "you need to stop and smell the roses!"

The real beauty of hiking is that it costs almost nothing to enjoy. A good pair of shoes, proper clothes, and a little sunscreen and you're ready. Bring a lunch and a canteen of water for a good day's hike. Start with nearby parks and then branch out on your own. Eventually, you can move up to backpacking for overnight trips, if that's what you want. But, day hikes are just fine, too.

If elevation is what you crave, mountain climbing is just the ticket. Majestic vistas await those with the stamina to reach the top. Thin, cool air and hard, cool rock against your skin make you feel really alive. It's not as hard as it looks. One step ahead of the next ... carefully and methodically. With the right training and the right equipment, you can do it, too.

Since hiking usually means you are in remote places, you should know first aid,
have a first aid kit, and hike safely. See the link below for some good information:

Photos of Hiking Around Phoenix (AZ) - February, 2019

Photos of Hiking Around Sedona (AZ) - January, 2019

Photos of Rocky Mountain N.P. (CO) Climbing Trip of July, 2016

Photos of West Point (NY) Visit of September, 2015

Photos of Mt. Mansfield (VT) Hike of September, 2015

Photos of Niagara Falls (NY) Visit of September, 2015

Photos of Grizzly Creek (CO) Hike of July, 2011

Photos of Grand Teton Climbing Trip of September, 2000

Photos of Grand Teton Hiking Trip of September, 1999

Photos of Colorado Hiking Trip of September, 1998

Photos of Grand Canyon Hiking Trip of April, 1997

Photos of Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Trip of August, 1996


There are hiking trails and hiking clubs in every state of the union. Follow the links on the next page to find the group that meets your needs.

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