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Welcome to my corner of the Web.

Like most of you, I have interests and hobbies to distract me from the trials of work. I'm retired now from software development. Earlier, I was a research chemist. But, as my page's title implies, I'm also a caver. The adventure and exercise drew me in ... the science and comradery has me hooked.

I'm a Community Watch volunteer with the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office.

I'm also a Ham Radio operator. My call-sign is N8HRD.

I've also dabbled in Astronomy and Pyrotechnics ... a strange mix of hobbies ... but, that's why they're hobbies!

I'm an avid hiker and a budding climber. My favorite places are the mountains, but any secluded spot will do.

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If you have interest in the world of Nature, you may enjoy some of these topics.   I live in Ohio and did live in Florida, but I've traveled the breadth of this country ... and I'm always amazed at its beauty.   I hope we can keep it as nice for those following us.

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