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1999 Grand Tetons Photos

In early September, 1999, we spent 2 weeks hiking in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Dennis, Margie, David, and Marianne drove out from Ohio the first week. I only had one week, so I flew in the second week.

The hiking in the canyons of the Tetons was really beautiful. During the second week, we attempted to climb the Grand Teton. We backpacked up to the Moraine campground, just below the 'Lower Saddle' on the mountain, where we camped in a boulder field.

Early the next morning, David, Dennis, and I set out for the summit. The weather was cool, but crystal clear. The climbing was great. After getting off-trail on the Owen-Spaulding route, we eventually made it to the 'Upper Saddle', too late for a summit attempt. The view was spectacular.

We returned to our camp late that afternoon for a well-deserved dinner of MRE's. After another cool and clear night on the mountain, we returned to the valley below. It was a fine vacation in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The photos below are by David Locke (DL) and Dennis Green (DG).

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Jackson Hole and Buffalo Dennis befriends a mule deer Moose by the river
The Teton Mountains, as seen from Jackson Hole. The Buffalo herd roams throughout the Park property.   (DL photo) Several deer were encountered during the first week's hikes. Obviously, they're used to visitors.   (DL photo) Moose are found throughout Grand Teton National Park, as well as the surrounding lands.   (DL photo)

Margie on Death Canyon trail Marianne on Death Canyon trail Campsite in boulder field
Margie hiking down the Death Canyon trail.   (DG photo) Marianne hiking down from Death Canyon.   (DL photo) Setting up our campsite in the boulder field called Moraine Campground.   (DG photo)

Dennis at Lower Saddle of Grand Teton Dennis and Gary climb toward Upper Saddle Gary and Dennis take a rest
Dennis outfitted for climbing, as we leave the Lower Saddle of Grand Teton.   (DL photo) The view looking down below the Upper Saddle of Grand Teton. Dennis and Gary are barely visible below.   (DL photo) Dennis and Gary take a rest break. They are about three fourths of the way to the Upper Saddle.   (DL photo)

Gary below the Upper Saddle Gary and Dennis at the Upper Saddle David at the Upper Saddle
Gary stands on the climb to the Upper Saddle. Jackson Hole spreads out below.   (DG photo) Gary and Dennis have reached the Upper Saddle of the Grand Teton.   (DL photo) David enjoys the view from the Upper Saddle. The view is SW toward Idaho.   (DL photo)

View SE toward Middle Teton returning view toward Jackson Hole Dennis and Gary at trail's end
View from the Upper Saddle, looking SE towards Middle Teton.   (DL photo) As we return to lower elevations, the view of Jackson Hole improves.   (DL photo) After the hike down from Grand Teton, Dennis and Gary enjoy the memories of a fine climb.   (DG photo)

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